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Fund Regulation Act
Minutes of General Assembly


Minutes of General Assembly



4th General Assembly


Date: January 04, 2003

Venue: International Residence, D-105

Time: 5:00 PM


Agenda for Meeting

  1. Annual Report of HUNSA Activities

  2. Annual Financial Statement

  3. Amendment on Constitution

  4. Formation of New Executive Committee

  5. Welcome Newcomer Nepalese Student (Ms. Renuka Tamrakar)

Resolutions of Meeting:

  1. Annual Report of HUNSA Activities: The annual report of HUNSA activities presented by Mr. Meghraj Bhandari, outgoing General Secretary was approved unanimously.

  2. Annual Financial Statement: Annual Financial Statement presented by Mr. Kedar Nath Adhikari, outgoing Treasurer was approved unanimously.

  3. Amendment on Constitution: Mr. Kedar Nath Adhikari proposed one-time membership fee citing at difficulties to collect it every year. After getting opinions from members on this issue it was decided to keep the existing system of 1000 Yen entrance fee and 1000 Yen membership fee every year.

  4. Formation of Second Executive Committee: The Election Committee comprised of Dr. Surendra Tamrakar and Dr. Krishna Hari Gautam conducted election, starting with nomination for each post. The General Assembly unanimously formed new Executive Committee for the next term. It includes,

    • President - Mr. Sunil Kumar Lama

    • Secretary - Mr. Sanjaya Giri

    • Treasurer - Mr. Saseem Poudel

    • Executive Member - Mr. Subesh Ghimire

    • Executive Member - Mr. Sanjaya Acharya

  5. Welcome Program: All participants introduce themselves to the new member Ms. Renuka Tamrakar and welcomed her to this community.


  1. Dr. Surendra Tamrakar

  2. Mr.Kamal Raj Regmi

  3. Mr. Krishna Woli

  4. Mr. Prakash Ranjitkar

  5. Mr Kedar Nath Adhikari

  6. Mr.Sunil Kumar lama

  7. Mr.Sanjaya Giri

  8. Mr.Megh Raj Bhandari

  9. Ms.Renuka Tamrakar

  10. Mr.Saseem Poudel

  11. Mr.Hem Nath Ghimire

  12. Mr.Sanjaya Acharya

  13. Mr.Dhananjaya Regmi

  14. Mr.Krishnahari Gautam

  15. Mr.Ajoy Bista

  16. Mr.Subesh Ghimire

  17. Mr.Shree Hari Gautam

3rd General Assembly


Date: August 14, 2002

Venue: International Residence, D-107

Time: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


Agenda for Meeting

  1. Constitutional Amendments

  2. Donation to Flood Victims in Nepal

  3. Vote of Thanks to Draft Preparation Committee

  4. Financial Regulation Act-2002

  5. Nomination in the Vacant Position of Executive Committee

Outcome of Meeting:

  1. Constitutional Amendments: The General Assembly has decided to make amendments in the Constitution of HUNSA in the section V: Finance, 5.2 as follows:

Section V: Finance

5.2: Fund utilization: The executive committee shall utilize the fund on:

5.2.1: Functioning of the association’s activities.

5.2.2: Student welfare activities.

5.2.3: Social donations, if deemed necessary by the majority of members.

  1. Donation to Flood Victims in Nepal: The General Assembly has expressed deep concern on the loss of life and properties by recent floods and land slides in Nepal and decided to send 120,000 yen as a token of our sympathy to assist victims through Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund.

  2. Vote of Thanks: The General Assembly has expressed sincere thanks to the financial operational act preparation committee (Coordinator; Mr. Ajoy Bista; Members: Kedar Adhikari, Mr. Subesh Ghimire and Mr.Saseem Paudyal), for their effort to prepare it in short duration of time.

  3. Financial Regulation Act-2002: The General Assembly has discussed on the draft of financial operational act and given mandate to the executive committee to revise it in consideration with the new provisions added in the constitution, collecting comments from members if any and then implement.

  4. Nomination in the Vacant Position: The General Assembly has nominated Mr. Sunil Kumar Lama as executive member of HUNSA Executive Committee.


  1. Mr. Kamal Raj Regmi

  2. Mr. Kedar Nath Adhikari

  3. Mr. Dhananjay Regmi

  4. Mr. Sunil Kumar Lama

  5. Mr. Chintamani Gautam

  6. Mr. Shreehari Gautam

  7. Mr. Hem Nath Ghimire

  8. Mr. Sanjay Giri

  9. Mr. Prakash Ranjitkar

  10. Mr. Meghraj Bhandari

  11. Mr. Rosan Tuladhar

  12. Mr. Ajoya bista

  13. Mr. Subesh Ghimire

  14. Dr. Krishna Hari Gautam

  15. Dr. Anita Manandhar


2nd General Assembly


Date: May 18, 2002

Venue: International Residence, D-105

Time: 2:00 PM to 5:00PM


Agenda for Meeting

  1. Hokudai International Festival

  2. Financial Regulation Act

Outcome of Meeting

  1. Hokudai International Festival: The General Assembly has briefly discussed about the forth coming Hokudai International Festival and has taken following  decisions,

  1. The General Assembly has decided to mark the presence of HUNSA in forthcoming Hokudai International Festival  and requested all its members to actively participate in this event.

  2. The General Assembly has approved the proposal of Executive Committee regarding joint participation with HONESS in this event on equal share basis.

  3. The General Assembly has formed  various working groups with working time schedules for each group for smooth functioning during this event.

           (a) Working schedule

Working Date/ Time

8:00 AM to 2:00PM

2:00PM to 8:00PM

June 7,2002

Group A

Group B

June 8,2002

Group B

Group A

June 9,2002

Group A

Group B

          (b) Working groups

Group A

Sunil Lama

Meghraj Bhandari

Sanjay  Giri

K.P. Woli

Surendra Tamrakar

Rosan Tuladhar

Kamal Regmi

Chintamani Gautam

Group B

Prakash Ranjitkar

Hemnath Ghimire

Kedar Adhikari

Shreehari Gautam

Saseem Paudel

Ajoy Bista

Dhananjay Regmi

Subesh Ghimire

  1. Financial Regulation Act: The General Assembly has marked the need of a Financial Regulation Act to utilize the HUNSA fund. A  committee is formed to prepare the draft of this act. Following members are included in this committee:

                         Coordinator:    Ajoy  Bista
                         Member:         Kedar Adhikari
                         Member:          Subesh Ghimire
                         Member:          Saseem Paudel


  1. Prakash Ranjitkar

  2. Meghraj Bhandari

  3. Kedar Adhikari

  4. Sanjaya Giri

  5. Sunil Lama

  6. Subesh Ghimire

  7. Ramji Bhandari

  8. Saseem Paudel

  9. Surendra Tamtrakar

  10. Hemnath Ghimire

  11. Rosan Tuladhar

  12. Ajoy Bista

  13. Kamal Regmi


1st General Assembly


Date: January 20, 2002

Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: International Residence, D - 405


Agenda for Meeting

  1. Formation of Association

  2. Name of Association

  3. Logo of Association

  4. Constitution

  5. Membership Fees

  6. Relationship with HONESS, NESAJ and Other Organization

  7. Formation of Executive Committee

Outcome of Meeting

  1. Formation of Association: We Nepalese student studying at Hokkaido University agreed to form ourselves into a student association named “Hokkaido University Nepalese Student Association” or HUNSA in short from Jan 20, 2002 to promote our academic welfare, cultural and other creative activities.

  2. Name of Association: Hokkaido Nepalese Student Association in full and HUNSA in short have been selected as the name of Association by absolute majority of GA.

  3. Logo of Association: The General Assembly has requested all the members to submit a proposed logo that can represent the objectives and identity of HUNSA.

  4. Constitution: The General Assembly has gone through section wise discussion on draft of constitution of the Association and passed constitution unanimously after making necessary amendments. It has come in effect immediately after passed by the GA on Jan 20, 2002.

  5. Membership Fees: The General Assembly has decided the HUNSA membership fees as follows:

                                                 (a) Entrance fee                   1000 Yen

                                           (b) Annual fee                      1000 Yen

  1. Relationship with HONESS, NESAJ and Other Organization: The General Assembly has recognized HONESS as a social welfare organization and NESAJ as an academic welfare organization.

  2. Formation of Executive Committee: The General Assembly has unanimously selected members of the fist Executive Committee of HUNSA as follows:

                                                 President:   Prakash Ranjitkar

                                                 Secretary:   Meghraj Bhandari

                                                 Treasurer:   Kedar Nath Adhikari

                                                 Member  :  Shreehari Gautam

                                                 Member  :  Sanjaya Giri


  1. Kamal Raj Regmi

  2. Kedar Nath Adhikari

  3. Dhananjay Regmi

  4. Sunil Kumar Lama

  5. K.P. Woli

  6. Chintamani Gautam

  7. Shreehari Gautam

  8. Hem Nath Ghimire

  9. Sanjay Giri

  10. Prakash Ranjitkar

  11. Meghraj Bhandari

  12. Rosan Tuladhar

  13. Surendra Tamrakar

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