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Fund Regulation Act
Minutes of General Assembly


We Nepalese students studying at Hokkaido University, Japan, hereby agreed to form ourselves into a non-political, non-profitable voluntary Student’s Association to promote our academic welfare, cultural and other activities of mutual interests, adopting this Constitution. This constitution shall be in effect immediately after approval from the General Assembly.

Section I:Name and Objectives

1.1The Association shall be named as Hokkaido University Nepalese Student Association or HUNSA in short.

1.2 Objectives:

1.2.1 To act as a common forum of all Nepalese students in Hokkaido University to organize and co-ordinate students' welfare, cultural and academic activities.

1.2.2 To facilitate exchange of views and promotion of mutual cooperation with other organizations.

1.2.3 To help interested Nepalese to get information regarding study opportunities in Japan.

1.3 The Logo of the Association shall be as shown in Annex I.

Section II: Membership

2.1 The Association can award four types of memberships; Regular, Associated, Affiliated and Honorary.

2.1.1 All the students enrolled in Hokkaido University shall be eligible for Regular Membership.

2.1.2 Spouse and family members of the Regular and Affiliated members shall be eligible for Associated Membership.

2.1.3 All Nepalese Alumni, researchers and those involve/d in academic activities in Hokkaido University shall be eligible for Affiliated Membership.

2.1.4 Honorary Membership may be awarded to any person proposed by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Assembly on the grounds of the individual's academic achievements and meritorious services to Nepal.

2.2 All members shall pay membership fee and other fees as approved by the General Assembly.

2.3 All members shall participate in the program and activities organized by the Association.

2.4 The voting rights and Executive committee’s positions shall be limited to Regular members only.

Section III: General Assembly (GA)

3.1 The General Assembly shall be the highest body to make decision about policy and principles of this Association. All members are eligible for participation but the voting right in the General Assembly is limited to Regular members only.

3.2 The regular meeting of the General Assembly of the association shall be held at least once in six month.

3.3 Upon the demand of at least one-fourth of the Association's Regular Member, the Executive Committee shall call a special General Assembly at the earliest.

3.4 All the Members of the Association shall be informed in advance about the meeting and the agenda by the Executive Committee.

3.5 Participation of at least two-third of the Regular Members in the General Assembly shall be considered a valid quorum. Incase this quorum is not fulfilled, the Executive Committee shall call another General Assembly at the earliest and this General Assembly shall be valid irrespective of the participation of the members.

3.6 Decision on any issue, except for those mentioned otherwise in this Constitution, shall be made on the basis of a simple majority vote cast by the Regular Members.

Section IV:  Executive Committee

4.1 Formation

4.1.1 An Executive Committee shall be formed once in a year at the end of the tenure of the existing Committee by the GA from among the Regular Members of the Association.

4.1.2 The Executive Committee shall consist of a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and two Members. 

4.1.3 The Executive Committee shall make nomination/s to fill vacant positions, if any, of the Association except that of the President, from among the Regular Members or from inside the Executive Committee. In case of President, the General Assembly will nominate from among the Regular Members. Duration of such nominee shall not outlast the term of the Executive Committee.

4.1.4 Any of Executive Committee positions shall be considered automatically vacant, if the member ceases to be the Regular Member of the Association.

4.1.5 The Executive Committee may also form different sub-committees to carry out specific tasks as and when necessary. The mandate and the tenure of such a sub-committee shall be announced by the Executive Committee at its formation.

4.2 Responsibilities and Functioning

4.2.1 The Executive Committee shall report to the General Assembly.

4.2.2 The Executive Committee shall make working policies and procedure to smoothly carry out its activities.

4.2.3 The Executive Committee shall be transparent and approachable to any member of the Association at any time.

4.2.4 The President shall be the Chief of the Association and shall preside over all the General Assembly meetings as far as possible.

4.2.5 The Secretary shall be acting as President temporarily in absence of President. S/he shall attend all the meetings, prepare the business thereof and keep record of all proceedings.  S/he shall be in close contact with all the members and inform them about the activities of the Association.

4.2.6 The Treasurer shall keep all financial records of the Association and shall present a detailed annual report of all income and expenditures of the Association during the General Assembly.

4.3 Meeting

4.3.1 The Executive Committee shall meet at the request of either the President or the Secretary or on petition of any two Members of the Executive Committee.

4.3.2 The frequency and the operating procedures of the meeting shall be decided by the Executive Committee.

 Section V:  Finance

5.1 Financial sources

5.1.1 Membership fees from members of the Association; and

5.1.2 Fund raising programs organized by the Association if and when deemed necessary.

5.1.3 Financial assistance from any individuals, organizations etc.

5.2 The Executive Committee shall handle the fund for the functioning of Association’s activities.

5.3 Bank account of the Association shall be jointly handled by the President and Treasurer. 

Section VI:  Amendment of the Constitution

This Constitution or any Sections/clauses/sub-clauses herein may be amended by at least a two-thirds majority vote of the GA meeting.

Section VII:  Effectiveness of this Constitution

This constitution will come in effect from Sunday, January 20, 2002 (accordingly Magh 7, 2058).

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