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Fund Regulation Act
Minutes of General Assembly


HUNSA Fund Regulation Act-2002


I. Introduction

This act is formulated as per the article 5.2(4) of the constitution of HUNSA and is aimed for the utilization of HUNSA fund. This act will be in effect after approval from the executive committee of HUNSA. The HUNSA fund has to be utilized by the executive committee under the provision of this act.


II. Income of the Fund:

  1. Hokkaido University International Festival (HOKUDAISAI)

  2. Any fund raising programs organized by HUNSA

  3. Donation etc.

III. Potential Programs for Fund Utilization:

  1. HOKUDAISAI evaluation gathering

  2. Exhibition related to Nepal

  3. Buying goods related to Nepali exhibition and cultural activities

  4. Cultural exchanges activities

  5. Nepal day celebration

  6. Publication of HUNSA’s Annual Bulletin

  7. Welcome and farewell of Nepali students

  8. Donation and social works with the consent of General Assembly, where related

IV. Execution of Programs:

  1. The executive committee can nominate coordinator and members of the sub committee to conduct specific programs whenever deemed necessary.

  2. The coordinator shall submit the details of the assigned program to the executive committee with the expected expenditure.

  3. The executive committee shall approve the program (with necessary modification) and pass to the sub committee.

  4. The sub committee shall execute the program with the help of all members.

V. Amendment: The General Assembly of HUNSA only can make any necessary amendments to this Fund RegulationAct-2002.

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