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Dashain Celebration and Welcome Program 

HUNSA celebrated dashain with sports, food, parlor games, songs, quiz contest and lots of fun.

On 3rd October 2003, despite of rain, few members had managed to gather for sports at the small ground near Department of Agriculture. For some, it was for the first time to play cricket. For others, it was for the first time to play cricket in Sapporo . Several balls (though it was tennis) got lost during the game. Unique games like throwing your boot, dribbling soccer, hitting target with soccer were also played with enthusiasm.

A scene during throw your boot game

Mrs. Manawi Bista trying to hit the target

Dashain puja

Opening of second issue of Hokudai Bisauni

Mrs. Isu Gautam reading her poem

Dashain gathering

On 4th October 2003, the dasain party was organized at Clark Kaikan. Welcome to new comer students Mrs. Sumana Pradhan and Mr. Bijay Giri was also held on this occasion. Mini marathon was planned for the day but no one seemed to run seeing diverse mouth-watering foods being carried to the hall.  All foods prepared in typical dashain way, reminded all of dashain at home. In addition to good food and music, parlor games, songs, quiz contest, dance continued till the guard of the building had to remind all about the time to end.

The party revived all in many ways. HUNSA`s this years dashain celebration was just terrific. 

Reported by: Dashain Organizing Committee

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