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(Carrot Pudding)


         Gajar (carrot) 500 gm

         Milk 500 ml

         Condensed milk 200 ml

         Sugar - 2 tablespoons

         Ghiu (Nepali butter or any dehydrated unsalted butter) 100 ml

         Elaichi powder (cardamom) spoon

         Cashew nut 50 gm

         10 almond (finely chopped)

Preparation method

         Peel and grate gajar.

         Boil milk in a large bowl. Add elaichi powder, grated gajar and sugar.

         Cook in medium heat stirring occasionally until the milk thickens. Once it starts thickening, stir continuously until the milk is absorbed and then remove from heat.

         Heat ghiu in another bowl and add cashew nuts. Cook until it turns brown. Add the cooked gajar and stir constantly until it becomes red in color. Add condensed milk and stir-fry for a minute.

         Remove from heat and garnish with chopped almonds. Serve hot or put in refrigerator if planning to serve cold.

Some polite Newari phrases for conversation

Bal Kumari Lama

Maharajgunj-4, Kathmandu




Please come in?

Mha fu la

How are you?

Dii sa

Please sit down

Bha piya dii sa

Please take something. (Food and drink)

Gana jhaye tyenagu?

Where are you going?

Jya na sidhalala?

Have you taken you lunch?

Beli sidhala?

Have you taken you dinner?

Dhabi dii sa

Good night

Bhacha piya dii sa?

Please wait for while

Ji chu ya fyu sa yanabi dhai di sa

What can I help you, please tell me

Li sa kiap dii sa

Please take some more (food or drink)

Ji wanae choeka

I am going

Bhacha di sa le

Please sit a while

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Salad Olivier: one of secrets of Russian kitchen

Olga Giri

Biratnagar, Morang


The name of Salad Olivier is credited to French chef, M. Olivier, who established a fashionable restaurant in Moscow in the 1860s. The present day Salad Olivier differs from the original one and is at times known as Salad Stalichny (meaning Capital salad).

Whatever the variation, Salad Olivier continues to be a favorite hors d'oeuvre (appetizer) and side dish due to its taste & simplicity to be prepared.


         1 cup cooked fresh or canned green peas

         1 medium onion (finely chopped)

         1 cup of mayonnaise

         2 boiled eggs

         8 large black Greek olives

         8 sprigs parsley or green coriander

Preparation method

Cut the boiled chicken (veal or sausage) and potatoes into about 1cm3 cubes. Peel the cucumbers and eggs and cut into similar cubes. Mix the chopped meat, potatoes, cucumbers, green peas, and onion in a large bowl. Add the remaining ingredients in the same bowl. Add mayonnaise and mix gently. Pay attention not to mash the ingredients. Serve chilled. However, it is recommended not to refrigerate the prepared salad for more than 4 hours.

To make vegetarian Salad Olivier, only meat should be omitted while all the other ingredients and the preparation method remains the same. In fact, one can add or omit other ingredients to the salad to give it his/her unique personal touch.

Translated from Russian by Sanjaya Giri