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Saseem Poudel
Maharajgunj, Kathmandu



Before she came, everything was normal in our street. Average boys spent their time hanging near the crossroads, trying to look good and attract attentions of the passerby girls by whistling, or singing songs or passing on comments. All they wanted was the glance from them but all they succeeded in getting glares and snares. Average girls on the other hand, prepared themselves for the encounter with the boys in the crossroads by putting on make ups and looking beautiful for them. All they gave them were glares but there always was the unannounced competition going on among the girls to find out who got teased the most. Average husbands spent time either by playing cards or trying to spend time criticizing their wives and lusting for others in sahili ko bhatti. While the average wives, unaware or may be blind to their own husbands bad habits, gossiped about other people. Everybody got a chance to star in their gossips.

Then she came, she was seen and she conquered. She took our street by hurricane and nothing was normal in our average street again. Average boys still hung near the crossroads but they stopped teasing all the other girls and focused on her. It seemed that for them she was the only girl in the whole world for them. She ignored them. Even a small memento from her: a glare, snare, meeting her, getting a look of her.was priceless for them. These were all the most valuable treasures from them. Average girls gave more attention to their make ups and clothing but were unable to draw back the lost attention of the boys. Their talk now only included her criticism, how ugly she was and how she chased boys, how she vied for the boys attention though the fact was that everybody secretly wanted to become like her and get attention like her. Average husbands could not concentrate on the cards and spend more and more time on sahili ko bhatti. The talk there just revolved around her, and how they wanted to leave everything for her. Average wives were not far behind. All of their cruel gossips starred her.

Her house was now the center of attraction of the street. Fake and real accidents occurred there. The postbox was always filled with the love letters written to her. The gate decorated daily with the flowers and cards from her admirers. Husbands were driven out of their house in the middle of night for pronouncing her name. Everybody from the age of 10 to 90 who had or was supposed to grow mustache dreamt about her and believed that they could win over her heart.

Then he came. And everything was back to normal in our street. Average boys turned their attention back to other girls. Average girls were happy once more with boys attention. They stopped thinking about her and did not want to be like her. Average husbands could once more concentrate on cards and others wives. Average wives were still gossiping but their gossip never included her. Talking her name had become a social taboo. The front of her house looked deserted. No accidents, no flowers, no cards and no letters.

He came as a helpless child crying his heart out one fine morning near the garbage container. The crowd that gathered showed their humanity by voicing their pity on the child and cursing the woman who did that. A heartless devil, not fit to be called human, they voiced. But it turned out that she was the only human in that crowd. While all voiced their humanity, she showed it. She picked up the helpless child and adopted him as her own child without even saying anything. She showed her humanity while rest of us showed our real nature.


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