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 First and foremost the Editorial Board takes this opportunity to express wishes to all for a happy and prosperous New Year 2061. Wherever we are, all Nepali are concerned with the deteriorating law and order situation in Nepal, and looking forward to the amicable solution of the present situation. We hope the year 2061 will bring peace, prosperity and inspiring solidarity in the country.

 As we informed in earlier issues, the Hokudai Bisauni maintained its commitment without any restriction to language, gender and issues throughout its publication.   It is our pleasure to mention here that the people irrespective of gender, age, nationality contributed Hokudai Bisauni by submitting their academic/literary/memories pieces. Such an instance gives an encouraging message for our future actions.

 With this New Year 2061 issue, Hokudai Bisauni has stepped in second year. In this occasion we would like to express our gratitude to all the readers who brought Hokudai Bisauni to this level. We do hope to get your continued affection and support.

 We look forward to receiving your contribution for the next issue.


Editorial Board

Hokudai Bisauni