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HUNSAHokkaido University Nepalese Student Association

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Hokudai Bisauni


                         Hanami Picnic

Finally, the spring has arrived in Hokkaido. The gray-and-white landscape has finally changed to bright-and-multiple colors. The snow-heaps are gone and the branches are sprouting. One can see colorful flowers and hear tweeting of birds everywhere. Hokkaido is once again back in its best. 

 Sapporo has been enjoying some good weather recently. People have started to come out. The spring has certainly sprung the peoplesf mood. Picnic has started to replace skiing. Barbeque sets, coal, and meat are once again high in demand. Every parks and groves are filled with joyful faces gobbling barbeque and gulping beer.

 Nepali students in Hokudai too decided to have a picnic in Maruyama Koen, Sapporo on May 4th 2003. The number of participants and the format of the day kept on being changed until around 12 people eventually showed up in the picnic spot. Wedge-potato from Krishnahari Dai, Alu Achar from Lama Bhauzu, Sphagetti from Manvi, Rice from Saseem, special curry from Hemji and Sanjaya ji and gedagudi from Sushmita, all looked great and was enough for all.  However, the group decided to go for barbecue in addition to what was brought from home. Ajoy, Saseem, Subesh, and Chinta were entrusted for the last minute shopping for the barbeque set and the rest. Thanks to Tokyu store and 100-yen plaze a few block away from the park, where every thing required was found.

 While the others were already in the mid of their barbequing, the Nepalis were still struggling to make fire. Thanks to Manvi and Sushmita, the only two ladies who could make it for the picnic!! Their experience and theoretical backings of all the academicians finally clicked and the barbequing was finally underway. Beers could not last more than an hour of barbecuing, while whiskey did last till the end.

In a show where performers exceeded the spectators, Bikram and Krishnahari Gautam, patiently played the role of the spectator by solving Sunilfs and Saseemfs Puzzles, enjoying Hemfs jokes, and listening to Ajoyfs, Sanjayafs, Chintafs and Subeshfs songs with the rest of the gang. Non-stop photographing, and the entertaining acts of japanese which reminded us of Nepal kept all busy till the food and the meat lasted. Two children Sujina and amiti were also busy enjoying themselves in their own way, completely forgetting about the adults. Deciding to go to the nearby zoo by some cut the gathering a bit shorter. However, all enjoyed the day thoroughly and looking forward to using the newly-bought barbeque set again in the group soon. 

Prepared by Ajoy Bista

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